Windows and Microsoft Updates 

My MVP History:
1st July 2005 - 30th June 2006 - Software Distribution MS MVP
1st July 2006 - 30th June 2008 - Windows Server System - Microsoft Update Services MS MVP
1st July 2008 - 30th June 2011 - Update Services MS MVP
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1st July 2015 - 30th June 2016 - Windows Experience MS MVP

1st July 2016 - 30th June 2017 - Windows Insider MVP

I've put together some common error codes and some general information which may be of assistance.

For issues with .NET Framework [click here]

Microsoft Windows Update support incident request:

How to configure and use Automatic Updates in Windows

Windows Update and Automatic Reboots

Where you can get updates to manually install -

Security updates are available on ISO-9660 CD image files from the Microsoft Download Center

You  can also download individual updates from the Catalog and save to be installed later.

Click Add button for each update you want to download. Once you have what you want, Click the “Go To Download Basket” link. Type in or browse to the location where you want the updates saved to and then Click the “Download Now” button.
Once downloaded, you can then burn them to CD.

How to download updates and drivers from the Windows Update Catalog or from the Microsoft Update Catalog


Microsoft bulletin summary for the updates for the current month:

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Updated 30th July 2016